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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  January 7, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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let's see what's happening on the roads this morning. >> good morning, you did have to mention broken water mains this morning. as we look at the beltway, no problems along the major roadways. westchester avenue we have reports of a broken water main with water flowing freely across the road. expect icy conditions. baltimore city, kirk avenue remains closed between 25th and exitor hall. as we look at the city cameras, no problems as we check around mckee highway and covington. she made history going into office and she makes history going out. >> ending a three year tenure in the midst of allegations she
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stole from the poor. >> reporter: we are right outside of city hall where a new era will soon begin in less than a month. city council president stephanie rawlings blake takes over as mayor of baltimore. this plea deal that came out stunned many throughout the legal community of baltimore. many of sheila dixon's attorneys were trying to fight for a mistrial. the mayor's attorneys contacted the state prosecutors office on new year's eve and said they wanted to talk. the mayor resigned yesterday, but it'll be effective february 4th, the date she'll be sentenced. she stopped short of apologizing for her actions. >> they've done a tremendous, i can't begin to tell you the tremendous job they've done. and i'm saddened, not because of the decision i made, but because i have a great staff who worked
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hard and i love them. i love the city and i love the people of this city. >> reporter: now here are the details of the plea deal. she must resign as mayor. she'll serve four years of probation and perform 500 hours of customer service, but she'll also pay $45,000 to the bee gatty center. she does keep her pensin , which amounts to about $85,000 a year. it's important to note that none of her attorney fees can be paid with public money. reporting live from downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. this is certainly a talker, no matter where you live. whether you live in the city, county, everybody has something to say this morning about the mayor's resignation. >> we're asking you to facebook us this morning, also go online
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at let us know how you feel about your city this morning. we're in the outlying communities too. they have a lot of invested interest in baltimore city. linda sow has more from people with a thought or two about what happened yesterday. >> reporter: people are talking. so many things are being said about what happened with the mayor. strong opinions. some believe she got off easy. others think she should stay in office. joining us this morning, nathan dwyer. you have a lot to say. what do you make of it all? >> i don't think any of it's right, the way it's being dealt with, the way she's dealing with it. i think it could have been handled differently. i think if she wanted to set a bigger example of what public office is, she should really apologize for what she did and then, you know, refuse to accept the pension. i think that's huge.
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p it's just uh, it says she's getting away with it, basically, is what i think. >> a lot of people are taking issue with the pension. $83,000. they're saying it's a slap on the wrist assuming other people would go to jail. >> if somebody was stealing on the street, they'd be in jail. public figures need to live to a higher standard and they need to lead by example and she's not setting guide example to uh, to the next generation of people to come up in politics. >> reporter: nathan, thank you so much for sharing that with us this morning. again, lot of people have strong opinions about this case. we'll continue to talk to people as they come in. as you mentioned, dixon's last day in office is february 4th april lot of people saying they'd still like to hear her give a formal apology. they'd like to hear her say "i'm
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sorry." linda sow, abc2 news. mayor sheila dixon's legal troubles began almost four years ago, but things picked up during the summer of 2008. in june of that year, the state prosecutors office raided her home taking box after box of documents. in january, 2009, almost one year ago, a baltimore grand jury indicts the mayor on 12 charges. the mayor's trial on theft charges began in november. on december 1st, jurors returned a single guilty verdict of stealing five gift cards. yesterday during a possible retrial, they struck a deal on a perjury charge that will have dixon leave office february 4th. >> shortly after news of mayor's
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resignation broke, the mayor said this is a difficult day in the history of our city and we need to support rawlings blake as she takes on the critical work of leading baltimore's progress as our brand new mayor. with that being said, february 4th, mayor sheila dixon will officially leave office and city council president stephanie rawlings blake will become interim mayor. she was the youngest person ever elected to the city council. for nine years she represented the 6th district and 3 years represented the 5th district. before being elected city council president, she chaired the budget and appropriations committee. she's the daughter of long-time delegate, the late howard pete
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rawlings. rawlings blake didn't address the media yet, but said "as a people and city, we'll remain strong, rise to this current challenge and continue to protect public safety and deliver essential services." the coverage of the mayor's decision to resign is just beginning this morning. coming up in our next hour at 6:00 in the morning, lawyer warren alperstein will discuss the mayor's decisin . coming up at 9:00, we'll hear from another legal expert byron warnken. stay with us this morning. the century-old volcano is kicking out hazardous ashes all over the community. one big-named celebrity is trying to stop it for good. first, let's find out about our weather. we have ourselves a partly cloudy sky and currently 26
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degrees. we're stuck in the chill, get a reinforcing shot of cold air this weekend. including a winter weather advisory. how much know could we get? and when? let's go to the mta and check in with mark jones. >> on buses, number 20, diversion at ponka and iron. number 7 with a diversion at hudson and clenton. marc trains moving about on time for your commute start. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. (announcer) funny thing about sinus pressure
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doesn't look too bad carrying. partly cloudy sky, that's it, we'll be dry today. we'll see an increase in clouds coming from the west. that'll be the first sign of the next weather system to race through here. currently 28, ocean city and easton, 26 degrees in baltimore compared to 16 back in western maryland's oakland. wind chill of 9. 18, hagerstown here in baltimore and down towards the eastern. just a little push of wind this morning. aiming for our 2-degree guarantee of 36. sky turning mostly cloudy to overcast. in through tonight, it'll get snowy. we'll talk about that in a bit.
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here's kim brown with the roads. >> we have wind warnings in effect at area bridges including the key, bay and tidings bridges. here no problems. traffic moving fine inner and outer loop. you'll see water flowing freely. in baltimore city, kirk avenue, west 20th, east 25th street, west 29th street, also south lynnwood, east pratt street closed this morning, due to water main break repairs. as we check the jfx, here at northern parkway, traffic looks great in both directions. 5:12. washington wizards star gilbert arenas got an expensive memo from nba commissioner david stern. wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes.
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connection to our community it's our lifeline to the emergency information we need it's a free service that provides free entertainment. but one day soon, it could be taken away. there's a movement among special interest groups to limit free antenna tv and millions of americans who depend on it would lose out. let's tell congress to keep free antenna tv as part of our communications future. always free and always local.
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in the news happening around the world, the costa rican government has widened evacuations around a volcano of because of disruptions of ash. the last major eruption from this volcano was almost 180 years ago. look at this video.
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an anti-whaling group says the bow of one of the boats was sliced off. only minor injuries were reported. the u.s.-based sea shepherd conservation society is partly funded by a former tv game show host, bob barker. let's start off with what you want to hear about. 5:16, winter weather advisory kicks in, we still have another 14 hours to go. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. we do expect, basically a light snowfall and winter weather advisory is usually in order for snowfall three inches or less. definitely going to be a nuisance. today we're not going to get it, at least during the daylight hours. 41 in the afternoon would be normal. record of 8 in 1988 and 74 in
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1907. the sunrise, 7:26. sun down at 5:00. we're finally getting, this is the first day this year, by the way, with 5:00, sunlight. you won't see it because of the clouds. 26 right now, we're locked into the chill. may get above freezing before that next system races back in here. widespread mid-20s around the region. watching the clouds lined up just around the mountains. first sign of the real snow. this is just false echoes around the elkin's radar site. it rotates through, diving down over the northern plains. this will dive to the south of baltimore. a prime track for us to get the most punch out of this clipper type system. may dump a few more inches back into the mountains. rain across the south, but they may get snow flurries around the dallas area. we have a light to moderate
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snowfall here. drops into southern texas. here we go today, aim for 37 as our 2 degree guarantee, increasing clouds, breezy, but dry during the daylight hours. could get light snow this evening, especially towards 10 to midnight. we get some light snow going through tomorrow morning. 1 to 3 inches ground. ends early in the morning, turning windy with sun tomorrow afternoon. here's kim brown with a check on traffic. >> thankfully that snow isn't impacting us this morning, but we have watermain breaks around the area. some intersections will be closed. harrisburg expressway in both directions, traffic is moving nicely. no incidents to let you know about around the major roadways, but in catonsville, westchester avenue, baltimore city, kirk avenue at east 25th. west 29th street at sisson street, south lynnwood at east pratt street, closed due to water main break repairs. you have to use the detours and get around them. as we look at city cameras,
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getting on and off the jfx, no problems at this time. 5:18, big headlines out of d.c. gilbert arenas has been suspended without pay by nba commissioner david stern indefinitely. >> he's under investigation by federal and local authorities after admitting that he brought a gun to the locker room last week. with each game he misses, he'll lose about $147,000, $16.2 million this season. the worst part is that the punishment came on his 28th birthday. also, gary coleman has been hospitalized in los angeles. coleman was doing interviews yesterday when he went to his hotel room to rest, he told staff he wasn't feeling well. no further details have been available. he played arnold jackson on the popular sitcom different strokes. the next time your spouse
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asks you to go to the convenience store and grab something you say. >> yes, megan. >> i like that. a kentucky auto worker says his $29 million powerball ticket was printed by mistake. he went to the store to buy stocking stuffers. by the time the clerk sold him the powerball ticket instead of the winning numbers, he hit the jackpot. >> need the winning lotto ticket. from annapolis into baltimore city,. >> everyone is speaking out about mayor sheila dixon's resignation. >> i'm sad about the end to this situation, but with that being said and legal things behind us now, it's time to uh, move on and let go. >> that was councilman robert currin. >> absolutely, he's reacting to all of this. we want to know what you
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we've got ourselves a dry day today, considering the big storm we had in december, honestly, getting a couple inches shouldn't be a big deal.
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37 this afternoon. increasing clouds. snow rolls in by tomorrow morning. 1 to 3 inches on average across the area. maybe a little boost in some spots and fluff factor, cold air. this'll be a morning nuisance event. it'll be out of here during the mid- to late morning. strong winds and 34. staying windy, we'll call it down right blustery on saturday. despite added sunshine, only 29 degrees. back to near freezing on sunday. back to the mid-30s. we should stay dry into early next week. 5:24, let's go back to new york and get this morning's tech bytes. in today's tech bytes, the consumer electronics show opens in vegas. steve balmer kicked things off last night with a keynote address. he unveiled a touch screen tablet computer from hewlett-packard. microsoft let's players control the action by moving their bodies, going on sale in time
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for the holidays. hp isn't the only one getting buzz. lenovo's new idea pad hybrid notebook. >> it's like a windows 7 laptop, but then you can lift the top of the system off, it becomes its own slate machine, you can surf the web with it, fire fox and use other web based apps. you can access the web wherever you are. at&t announced it'll become the last of the four major carriers selling googled android operating system. it'll have five such phones by the middle of the year. android is shaping up to be the biggest challenger to the i-phone only available on at&t. one of the phones is built first by dell. fun and games at the gadget show, a french company called parrot is showing off a toy
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helicopter controlled with an iphone or ipod touch. moving the phone moves the helicopter and makes it go up or down. [no sound] ... for video games. those are your tech bytes, i'm jeremy hubbard.
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i love the people of this city. >> sheila dixon resigned. her last day in office will be february 4th. we have live team coverage for you all morning long. >> i have a confidence that stephanie rawlings blake will keep the city moving forward. >> the transfer of power shifts
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to stephanie rawlings blake. city council remembers her speaking out this morning. thanks for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> let's go right to justin berk. >> it's a cold morning, dry morning and will be much different than what you'll wake up to tomorrow. winter weather advisory, currently dry with a light wind, making it feel like 18. gust of 21. right now we're looking at about a 5-miles per hour push. general calculation across the area from pylesville in harford county. 26 degrees. feeling like 22. wind chill of 22 back in belair and churchville as well. all up there in harford county. mostly dry and mostly clear. partly cloudy morning leads to a cloudy afternoon with 2-degre


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